24/10 Erik DæhlinDesiring Machines

24/10 Erik Dæhlin
Desiring Machines

Föreställ dig en kropp. Denna kropp är en kvinna. Hon har ett namn. Flera namn som tillhör kvinnor samlade och porträtterade i ett ständigt växande familjealbum. Albumet utgör ett historiskt kartotek av olika realiteter. Föreställ dig att dessa realiteter är denna...
16/10 Golddigger ProductionA Love Story: Erik Berglin

16/10 Golddigger Production
A Love Story: Erik Berglin

Erik Berglin is a Swedish artist with an MFA from the University of Photography in Gothenburg, Sweden, 2010. His practice spans from interventions in urban environments to fact/fictional storytelling about forgotten stories to appropriation of images found online....
15/10 GASWonka Live

15/10 GAS
Wonka Live

Wonka Live is a band that both geographically and musically reaches across the world, the music is completely improvised and created in a flowing now. They have toured Europe and USA and played on radio in Poland, Germany, Japan, UK and USA etc. Wonka Live consist of...
15/10 GASDoron Sadja

15/10 GAS
Doron Sadja

The music of Doron Sadja is both dense and sparse simultaneously. Silence, noise and pulses meet fractured beauty and harsh electronic communications. Organic sounds and digital synthesis merge in a sound world full of premonitions and uncertainties, more resembling...