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Guest performances
Atalante is an artist driven venue staging guest performances, cooperative performances and productions of its own. The venue is partly sponsored by the Swedish Arts Council, Region Västra Götaland and the City of Gothenburg, giving us an opportunity to keep rental charges low for guest performances. The venue has an artistic council deciding on Atalante’s programme. Our aim is to create a comprehensive repertoire as part of our artistic identity. We give priority to contemporary dramatic art focusing on present day choreography and experimental music. We also present films, art and festivals inviting to cultural debates and conversations. There are always more applications than we are able to present.

DEADLINE April 9th 2017 for guest performance, spring 2018 .

This is how you apply:
* Send us a description of the project you’d like to present, its scope and time plan to atalante@atalante.org
* Technical rider.
* Please note, that you’ll be renting the stage. Please contact the venue coordinator for information on costs etc.
* If the piece has already been presented, we’d be very interested in pictures or video material as an added link.
* We give priority to choreography, performance, sound art.
* We plan our repertoire in six month periods.
* We don’t rent out our space to choral activities, parties, religious communities or political parties.
* Atalante is closed for performances between June 15 and August 15.
* The measurements of the stage are: width 12,5 meters, depth 10 meters, hight (to the flybar) 5 meters.
* 88 seats in a permanent seating arrangement, gradually rising.

For further information:
Tomas Persson Carlberg, guest performance coordinator
Phone: +46 31 711 82 00

Photo above: Miguel Gutierrez ”Heavens What Have I Done” (Göteborg Dans- & Teaterfestival 2014), by Ian Douglas