New Choreography*
*for choreographers based in Gothenburg and The Region Västra Götaland only
Atalante has always been home to the choreographers from the west of Sweden. In 2011, a more pronounced profile was given to support in choreographers in Gothenburg and the West Region. It is important that choreographers is given opportunities to reach out and present their work.
In the residency New Choreography, Atalante supports local choreographers and offers them an opportunity to introduce new performances on stage. Atalante accepts applications to New Choreography continuously. We need a complete project description of the piece, its scope and time plan. It must be a new piece that has not been premiered before.  The next residency period is during 2016.

2016 Matilda Lidberg, Benedikte Esperi
2015 Alexandra Wingate
2014 Karolin Kent, Jannine Rivel
2013 Anna Westberg, Moa Matilda Sahlin, Moritz Ostruschjak
2012 Frauke, Gilda Stillbäck

To apply please contact CO-director Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson


Atalante offers new projects a week to work at our stage within the Transit residence. The focus is on exploring ideas rather than on a finished production. We, the staff, will function as a sounding board in both choreographic as well as practical discussions.  Unlike New Choreography, Transit isn´t offered every year but rather when we have the capacity. An Open Call is always posted when it´s time to apply.

2014 Anna Bergström & Karolin Kent
2013 Anna Bergström, Minna Elif Wendin

KID – The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Dance Programme

The International Dance Programme is the Committee’s international programme for dance artists. The programme is the result of a Government commission to the Committee to internationalise dance. The Committee’s International Dance Programme offers, in cooperation with Kultur i Väst, Dansbyrån, Dance Centre West, Atalante, Göteborgs Dans & Teater Festival and Skogen, a residency programme for international choreographers and projects in Gothenburg. The residency programme, that aimes at research and development, includes expenses for travel, housing, studio time and a tax-free scholarship.

Residencies carried out by Atalante:
2014 Maija Hirvanen [FI]
2012 Henriette Pedersen [NO]
2011 Steinunn & Brian [IS/US]

Turnéslingan Three Venues
Turnéslingan Three Venues is a tour co-operation between the venues Atalante in Gothenburg, Dansstationen in Malmö and MDT in Stockholm. The venues work together on various productions to give non-institutional dance an opportunity to tour and meet a new audience. The chosen productions give their premiere performances under the wings of Turnéslingen. There is no open application period; instead choreographers are chosen by Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson, Lars Eidevall and Daniel Andersson.

2014 Blind Spotting Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir / Horrible Mixtures Stina Nyberg
2013 Near that place Daniel AlmgrenRecen / The Lac of Signs Andros Zins-Browne
2012 You, Lisa Östberg & Kim Hiorthøy /Travail, Alma Söderberg

Photo above: Maija Hirvanen’s ”Days Without Names”, by Aki-Pekka Sinikoski