Re-Search for cure against despair.

Fredric Gunve is an artist, educator and senior lecturer (Associate professor) in visual arts at HDK, Art Teacher Education Program, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and has a MFA in Fine Art (2003) from Valand Academy. He merges and dissolves the boundary between teaching and performance art and incorporate not only the everyday but also the phantasmagoric and mythical side of life.
He has taken part in several exhibitions, conferences written articles and exhibitions texts, create workshops, developed university coursers, performances and use curating in different forms as part of his art and educational practice.
Together with the artist and PhD Kajsa G. Eriksson he develops and work with a long ongoing performance and explorative art-research project called REGN – RAIN. The project took its start from one simple frame with one concrete factor of an endless rain, and within that frame a story was created through the experiences made by living every day as if it never stopped raining. The rain that falls in REGN (RAIN) is not a moral rain, but a rain that encroaches into every detail of life. They aim for RAIN is to create a sensual understanding and experience of present and future climate change.
Fredric is currently also developing the digital distribution channel: http://chronicle-quest.education that harbor and give a frame to yet not named and completely formulated education/art forms. An important perspective is how to approach teaching, education/art, as performance and performative activity.
In collaboration with PhD Elisabeth Belgrano he initiated and runs the trans-disciplinary cross faculty group Pǝ‘fɔ:m(ǝ)ns – Performance/Performativity.

– It is important to use all senses, taste, smell, touch, hearing, seeing and looking, as well as improvisation, nonsense and imagination to animate what we learn. Performance is a way to gain practice-based knowledge, with a huge potential to strengthen the reason for why we are doing what we are doing.

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