Maija Hirvanen is a choreographer and artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Hirvanen’s stage work and performances have been presented widely in festivals and venues internationally and in Finland.

Hirvanen looks at performance as a practice that goes through the layers of our lives, from personal rituals to collective ones, from the complexities of identity politics to the presence of the moving body. She is invested in performance for it’s transformative power. Hirvanen’s interests in art have included relations of art and different belief systems, collaborative processes in cultural practice, performance as collective memory, performance and every day media as well as mechanisms of re-learning. These interests seem to be constant and ever deepening.

Maija frequently collaborates with other artists and experts of different kinds. Hirvanen has participated as an invited artist in number of international artist laboratories, most lately the Flying Circus Project in Myanmar/Burma and Singapore, a 3 year programme Global City Local City visiting eight European cities by the FIT network and as the co-leading artist, Picnic on the Edge, a 3 year artist exchange programme in between Campbelltown Art Centre, Sydney and Zodiak – Centre for New Dance, Helsinki. In 2008-2010, Hirvanen run a 3 year project on performance and writing in the program of Kiasma theatre, Helsinki. Hirvanen was the house choreographer at Zodiak – Centre for New Dance 2013–2015.

Maija is currently working on a new extensive solo work and her on-going city walks project Walkapolis. She has also started a three years development with a mobile performance based work using a van as platform for exploring and transforming social borders in city spaces. For this, she is now in a driving school.