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    May 27th 2.00 p.m.
    May 28th 2.00 p.m.

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    The foyer opens one hour before the festival program starts. We accept both cash and credit cards in the bar and at the ticket counter.

    Konstmusiksystrar 1. Anna_Juhlin
    Sisters in Contemporary Art Music is arranging a festival Ljud & Genus (Sound & Gender) during the 27th and 28th of May 2017, with focus on sound- and performance art. The festival shows unestablished artists of today. Sisters of Contemporary Art Music is a network for trans, non-binary and women in the field of sound art and contemporary music. The network works with different institutions and curators, arranging collaborative workshops, concerts and festivals. Sisters in Contemporary Art Music creates opportunities for its members to have their works performed. A number of different works and performances will be presented and performed by their members. During the fall 2016, the network held several trans and women separatistic workshops at 24kvm in Gothenburg. These workshops will continue during the spring 2017, resulting in the Sound & Gender festival at Atalante, summarizing what they have been working on. We will also host talks to discuss artistry in regards of gender and talk about who is allowed to be an artist. We hope there will be a vivid discussion where artistic expressions, social structures and artists collide in a fruitful meeting.

    Illustration: Anna Juhlin

    Festival schedule*

    2.00 pm Doors open, fixing up the foyer
    3.00 pm Interview with Freya Sif Hestnes in the foyer
    3.30-9.30 pm Speakers Corner in the foyer
    6.00 pm Neuroplastic with Alba Bergeling & Ida Löfgren
    7.00 pm Rosanna Gunnarsson
    7.30 pm Vanessa Massera
    8.00 p.m Performance by Klara Andersson in the foyer
    8.30 p.m Mingle in the foyer

    2.00 pm Doors open, fixing up the foyer
    2.30-9.30 pm Speakers Corner in the foyer
    4.00 pm Guest performance by KS Rock ensemble in the foyer
    5.00 pm Konst:it ensemble
    6.15 pm KS Rock ensemble
    7.00 pm Sound practice and discussion with the audience, curated by KS Rock
    7.45 pm Mingle in the foyer

    *The schedule may be subject to small changes