Wonka Live is a band that both geographically and musically reaches across the world, the music is completely improvised and created in a flowing now. They have toured Europe and USA and played on radio in Poland, Germany, Japan, UK and USA etc. Wonka Live consist of Gunnar Backman – fretted and fretless virtual guitar/live loops, Henrik Wartel – drums and Anders Berg – bass.

Gunnar Backman
Is a producer, technician, composer, arranger and musician playing 6 and 12 string fretted and fretless virtual guitar, live loops, 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar, banjo, synths, delays, holds, live samples, and more. Gunnar says this about his own music. ”I play more and more free form music based on sounds and live loops, live samples and live delays. I have also written classical pieces, such as an organ concert that had its premiere in St. Petersburg, Russia”.

Henrik Wartel
Henrik Wartel plays drums and percussion and has a solid background within experimental music. He works as a freelance musician and has, since he
started his career in Eje Thelin Group, played with musicians such as Jukka Tullonen, Position Alpha, Monika Zetterlund, Egba, Cecilia Wennerström, Svante
Turesson, Bernt Rosengren, Tommy Koverhult, Krister Andersson, Roland Keijser, Gunnar Lindgren and Triple Heather to mention a few. Wartel has done many recordings and has toured in an endless number of countries.

Anders Berg
”I demolish my bridges behind me, then there is no choice but forward”. Anders Berg plays electric and acoustic bass, both fretted and fretless. ”I think music should be free, like painting with your eyes closed. I want to create landscapes and new sounds. Today the computer is a very helpful tool”.

Wonka Live is presented in collaboration with Brötz.