There is one parking space (4 h) for individuals with functional limitation at Skanstorget 3.


Atalante’s head entrance consists of a double sliding door and it is 95×95 cm wide. The entrance to the auditorium is 125 cm wide.


Our foyer and stage are wheelchair accessible, unfortunately the toilets are not. The foyer has half-landing stairs and will need an access ramp. Our ramp can handle a maximum weight of 250 kilos. Please contact Atalante’s personnel and we will arrange this. The seats in the auditorium are raked, but the set-up of the stage room can change and the audiences’ seating area can shift. Therefore, contact us beforehand at +46 31 711 82 00 if you need a seat adapted for wheelchair.


Attendants do not have to pay any admission fee. Inform the box office when booking.

Mobility service

The personal are happy to help you if you need assistance when calling for mobility service after the show.


There are occurrences of strong scents, smoke, blinking/strong lights and/or strong sounds during the performances. As a rule, this is stated on the website, but if you want to be on the safe side you can contact us at the number above.

At present, we cannot offer hearing loops or aids for individuals with reduced ranges of hearing.

For practitioners

The stairs to the second floor where the dressing-room and office area are situated are not wheelchair accessible. Please contact us if you have any other questions regarding our accessibility!

Do you have any questions?
Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson
artistic director
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Petra Landström
guest performance coordinator & graphic designer
+46 31-711 82 00

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